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This is a bundle of fifteen (15) large reusable cloth waxing strips (approximately 2.5" x 8", however exact size may vary slightly). These cloths are good for waxing larger areas of the body (legs, chest, arms, bikini) but can be cut down to smaller sizes if you prefer.

Cloths are made from 100% unbleached cotton.

These cloths are intended to be used as supplemental cloths with our AZUCARx Sugar Wax Kit.

AZUCARx sugar wax is water soluble meaning it completely dissolves in water and can be rinsed from anything easily.

Cleaning the Reusable Cloths:

- Place used cloths in a bowl of warm water for ~10 minutes to dissolve wax (dish soap can be added as well).

- Rinse and lay out to dry, or put in a lingerie washing bag and toss in the washing machine on cold, gentle cycle.

- It is recommended to soak/rinse off sugar before putting into the washing machine.

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