How to use our AZUCARx Sugar Wax Kit

CAUTION: AZUCARx Sugar Wax is not recommended for use by those with certain skin conditions, on areas with open wounds or irritation, including sunburn, or on areas where chemical peels or retinol based skin products have recently been used. Please consult your physician if you have any questions before use.

1. Pre-Wax Skin Prep

Preparing your skin ahead of time gives you the best waxing experience and longer lasting smooth skin results

2. Waxing & Hair Removal

Technique is the key here - but it isn't hard! Expect it to take a couple of strips of wax application & removal to find what works for you.

3. Post-Wax Care

The process isn't done when the wax comes off. Proper maintenance in the first few days post wax ensures long-lasting smooth skin & fewer ingrowns!


Prepping the Wax Kit

When you receive the kit, allow for the wax to come to room temperature before using your new Wax Kit. Store your wax in a cool, dry place <72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Skin sensitivity Test

While our Organic Sugar Wax is designed to be safe for even the most sensitive skin, it is recommended you do a patch test and wait 24 hours to ensure you do not have any reaction. Some redness / light bumps on sensitive areas (no more than you would expect with any waxing) should be expected, though typically begins fading after an hour or so.

Hair Growth / Length

Ideal hair length is between 1/8" - 1/4" or about the length of a grain of rice. For new users, the longer the hair the easier it will be to remove. As you continue to master your waxing technique, you may be able to wax more consistently at shorter hair lengths.

The length of time to wait post-shaving will vary based on individual and body part. Typically it is between 5-14 days to grow the hair long enough - but remember, your smooth skin will last 4x longer than shaving!

48 Hour Pre-Wax: Skin prep

48 hours ahead of waxing stop using any retinol or acid based skin products.

Exfoliate skin with a skin scrub or damp washcloth. This helps remove dead skin around the hair follicles allowing the wax to better grip the hair. The reason for exfoliating 48 hours ahead is to allow any sensitivity that may be caused by the exfoliation to clear before waxing.

2. Waxing & Hair Removal

Prepping the Hair & Skin 

  • General:
  • - Waxing should be done on clean, dry skin
  • - It is suggested to also use a skin toner before waxing to help lift any remaining oils or dirt
  • - If you have just showered, allow time for your body to cool to prevent the wax from melting on your skin
  • Identifying your waxing approach:
  • - Observe the direction of hair growth on the area you plan to wax
  • - You will apply your wax against the direction of growth and remove in the same direction of growth
  • - This may mean you have to complete the application and removal process in multiple sections depending on the area

Apply Sugar Wax

Remove Sugar Wax

Step one: Applying the Drying Powder

Applying the drying powder can be repeated before each application of wax (multiple times in the same area). The drying powder is especially useful in areas where there is naturally more moisture or heat such as underarms or bikini area.

  • Steps:
  • - Sprinkle Drying Powder on the area you plan to wax
  • - Rub into skin to absorb any moisture and then brush off excess powder
  • - White residue remaining Is normal and will not impact the wax sticking to the hairs

Step two: Applying the Wax

Follow the below steps to remove hair. Sugar wax is gentle enough that a second application of sugar wax can be used on a previously waxed area of skin to pick up any stubborn hairs. Repeat wax application and step three (removing the wax with cloth) until all hair has been removed.


Using a wooden applicator, scoop a marble sized amount of sugar wax from the jar. Starting at the bottom of the area you plan to wax (based on direction of growth), use the applicator to apply a thin layer of wax against the hair growth

Using the same applicator stick firmly smooth the wax against hair direction two more times (same wax, no need to add more). This is ensuring the wax has gripped the hairs.


- Keep waxing sections ~2" in length when first learning for easier control

- Hold skin taut in loose areas for easier application

- You may feel as if the hair is starting to pull while applying the wax - this is ok!

- If hair is longer than 1/2", it may be more comfortable to trim to the recommended length before applying the wax

Step three: Removing the wax with cloth

Repeat wax application (step two above) and removing the wax with cloth until all hair desired has been removed.


Place one of the cloth strips over the wax and firmly rub the to attach to the wax in the same direction you applied the wax (against hair growth).

Using one hand, pull skin surrounding the area with wax taut, with the other hand quickly and firmly pull off the cloth strip in direction of hair growth, similarly to how you would remove a sticky band aid - do not be gentle!

Fold cloth strip so removed wax & hair is inside the strip. The outside of the fold can be used to remove another application. Folding the wax in the strip helps prevent sticking where you don’t want it to when you are using a clean part of the cloth to wax a new section.


- When applying the strip, allow for extra length at the top of the area (where you will start your pull) to give yourself a better grip and more leverage when removing

- Remove strip as parallel to skin as possible as opposed to pulling away from your body

- Some find that allowing the wax and cloth to sit for 10 seconds rather than removing right away gives better success

- Standing, rather than sitting, helps keep skin taut when removing cloth, especially the bikini

- Applying pressure immediately after removing cloth strip can help reduce stinging

-Folding the wax in the strip helps the strip from sticking where you don’t want it to when you are using a clean part of the cloth to wax a new section.

clean up & washing the reUSAble cloths

  • - Sugar Wax is water soluble meaning it dissolves in water - from both your skin and clothes, towels or anywhere else you may have touched with wax on your hands.
  • - Rinse wax off in warm, not hot, water and apply a gentle lotion to skin after cleansing of any wax residue.
  • Cleaning the Reusable Cloths:
  • - Place used cloths in a bowl of warm water for ~10 minutes to dissolve wax (dish soap can be added as well).
  • - Rinse and lay out to dry, or put in a lingerie washing bag and toss in the washing machine on cold, gentle cycle.
  • - It is recommended to soak off sugar before putting into the washing machine.

3. Post-Wax Skin Care

immediately following waxing

The goal is to help reduce irritation on freshly wax skin for the first 6-12 hours post-waxing:

- Apply only gentle, soothing lotion after waxing and refrain from using other products for 24 hours

- Refrain from wearing tight fitting clothes

- Refrain from direct sun exposure

- Refrain from hot showers

48 hours post-waxing: Preventing Ingrowns

To help reduce likelihood of ingrown hairs, use an exfoliating product or washcloth and soap 48 hours post waxing. This helps ensure the hair follicles are open for hairs to grow outward. When there is blockage either from dirt / residue or the hair follicle starting to close, this causes the hair to stay under the skin while growing rather than coming out of the skin.

continuous care & when to wax again

Continuation of exfoliating the waxing areas every 2-3 days until hair has started to grow through skin will provide smoothest results!

Remember your hair is currently growing on many different cycles so any hairs that pop up a few days after you wax are NOT hairs you waxed, but hairs that had not yet broken the surface of the skin. As you continue to wax, this time period between new hairs will increase…up to four weeks!

Typical* Waxing Routine Timeline:

Eyebrows & Face: every 2-3 weeks

Underarms: every 2 weeks

Bikini Area: every 3-4 weeks

Other Body Areas (legs, chest): 3-4 weeks

*Depends on individual, length of time consistently waxing and hair growth speed.



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