How To

We've tested dozens of formulas to find the perfect sugar wax that provides effective hair removal but is also firm enough for beginners to learn the technique. However - we do recognize that sugar waxing CAN be tricky at first! We hope these instructions will help...but if not, we are just an email away! Please shoot us a note.

All we ask from you is a bit of patience with yourself as you get the technique down...then we promise you won't be able to live without it!

Getting Started:

Store your wax in a cool, dry place <72 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in a hot or humid climate, you may find your wax is in a more desirable firmness if stored in the refrigerator.

Do a test patch and wait 2-4 hours to see if your skin has any reaction. Some redness should be expected, though expect to begin fading after an hour.  

Choose waxing area with hair ~1/8 inch or longer, though you may find more success with 1/4 inch. Typically allowing for 4-6 days of hair growth prepares to for your wax test.

24-48 hours prior to waxing, exfoliate the area you plan to remove hair from. A natural exfoliating product or firm cleansing with a washcloth will help remove dead skin and help the wax stick to your hairs...and just your hairs! Wax is designed not to firmly stick to living skin, but will stick to dead skin cells.

Cleanse and dry skin where you plan to remove hair (toner recommended to help lift all oils). However, we suggest you refrain from sugar waxing immediately after a hot shower or in a humid room to prevent the wax from becoming too sticky, too quickly.

Begin Sugar Waxing:

Remove your wax from the package. If you are having trouble with it sticking to the packaging or feeling too soft, pop it in the refrigerator for a few minutes - it will help harden up the wax but still allow it to slowly warm back up in your hand!

Begin kneading the wax in your hand. You want to get it to the consistency of firm silly putty. You may it feels “oily” at first - its not oil! Its a byproduct from the cooking process using the organic sugar. This smooth feeling doesn’t occur with traditional granular sugar, and makes the product gentler on your skin.

Once a bit more pliable, choose a spot to begin your hair removal - Let’s use a leg as an example:

With one hand, pull skin tight where you want to wax

Using three fingers on other hand, place the wax on your leg and firmly pushing down on your skin drag the wax up your leg against the direction of hair growth so it goes from a ball to a flat strip. The intention here is the grip the hair with the wax as you spread up along your leg against your hair growth. You may feel a "pulling" feeling from some of the longer hairs in the area. Trimming the hair shorter helps reduce this feeling if it is irritating or painful for you.

Lift fingers (leaving wax on leg) and repeat the “hair gripping process” two more times for a total of three gripping motions.

Lift top edge of wax (still holding skin tight) and quickly pull off the sugar wax in the direction of hair growth down your leg, as if you are ripping off a bandaid. Keep wax close to the skin pulling in a parallel direction to the leg (as opposed to pulling away from the leg).

Using the same piece of wax, repeat this to remove hair across entire area (hair will remain in the wax ball).

As you use the wax, it will warm up and become softer and an off-white color as air is kneaded in though the waxing process (similar to salt water taffy). As this occurs, eventually you may not be able to remove the entire piece of wax, but use it more like a paste where you smooth it up, pull down half way (with fingers not completely being lifted cleanly from the wax) and work your way up or across the area. It may begin to seem messy and harder to control - but keep up the firm gripping and flicking process - it really still works!

If the wax gets too soft to pull off your leg, allow to sit for 30 seconds then try removing with a forceful flicking motion. If wax does not firm up enough to be removed by the flicking, it is time to rinse off with warm water, dry and begin waxing again with a new strip.

Use a gentle cleanser and water to clean off any residue from the wax.

After 24 hours, use a sugar scrub or washcloth and cleanser to gently exfoliate the waxed area to reduce risk of ingrown hairs.

Tips & Tricks:

Our organic sugar wax is gentle enough on your skin to go over the same area multiple times in a row with the wax if some hairs do not lift on the first attempt.

To get those few stubborn hairs, use a set of tweezers. Before plucking the hairs, them dip the tip of the tweezers in your used wax to get the end a bit tacky to help grip the hair.

(Remember - it washes off with water!)

For smaller areas, like your face, break off a smaller piece from one of your cubes of wax.