About Sugar Wax

Sugar wax is an ancient Persian hair removal technique made of just 3 natural ingredients: sugar, water and lemon juice. At AZUCARx we have preserved this 100% organic formula while modernizing the wax removal method.

What are the benefits of Sugar Wax?

- Less Irritation: unlike traditional wax that sticks to your skin, sugar wax only sticks to hair and dead skin cells resulting in less irritation during use

- No Heat Required & No Risk of Burning: sugar wax is applied at room temp, no heat required

- Fewer Ingrown Hairs: unlike traditional wax, the product is water soluble so it doesn't stay stuck inside your open hair follicles causing blockages as hairs are trying to regrow

- Less Damage to Hair Follicle & Less Breakage: opposite of traditional wax, sugar wax is applied against direction of hair growth and removed with hair growth

Apply Sugar Wax

Remove Sugar Wax

Why haven't I heard of Sugar Wax for at-home use?

Traditionally known as a “ball of sugar wax”, this is typically applied with your fingers and removed with your fingers using a flicking motion. As no applicator or removal tools are used, DIY users have found sugar waxing at home challenging and messy!

traditional sugar wax technique

How we are different:

AZUCARx focuses on effectiveness & ease of use. Our process uses a softer wax base, wooden applicators, and reusable cloth strips which provide no-mess precision to application AND removal.

The AZUCARx Sugar Wax Difference

No heat.

Designed to perform best at room temperature. No heat...ever.

Easy on. Easy off.

Cloth strips make using sugar wax easier than ever.

100% organic.

We're cautious of our ingredient selection and use only the best.

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